The business world waits for no one, especially in an age of rapid technological changes and advancements. No matter where you work or what your title is, you want to make sure you’re constantly learning and progressing.

While some businesses provide formal training for employees to enhance their professional development, others leave that initiative to their workers. If your company falls into the latter group, you might want to take your professional training into your own hands.

In this article, Jonathan Silk, along with other 14 Forbes Coaches Council members share ways to sharpen your skills outside of work.

Forbes Coaches Council4. Build A Professional Development Network On Social Media

Self-development is critical to honing the skills and knowledge to keep a career on track. A way to develop professionally is to use social media to identify experts in an industry or profession. What books, blogs, podcasts and other resources do they share? Taking that approach, motivated individuals can build a professional development network that will keep them relevant and always learning. – Jonathan Silk, Bridge 3 LLC

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