This is the final post in our series on whole-brain thinking with a focus on the R2 thinking style. As mentioned in the three previous posts on the L1, R1, and L2 thinking styles, we use all quadrants of our brain to think, but each person has a cognitive preference to some extent, a thinking preference that impacts the way we receive and communicate information. Our thinking styles have implications for leadership, innovation and how we interact with others which influences the dynamics of teams and workgroups.

I’m a people person.
R2 Thinking Style

R2: I feel you!

A person with a dominant R2 thinking style is people focued, a key member of any team where empathy, compassion and a human-focus is important.

For organizations that put people before technology and process this person has the people- intuition needed to make sure that focus is never lost. They are just wired that way.

Meet the R2 Thinking Style
I feel.

I am known to be a “feelings” person. I prefer to consider the “Who” before the “What” and the ‘Why” when making decisions.

I listen and observe.

I listen to what people say but also watch body language to make sure words and behavior are aligned.

I’m friendly.

My communication style tends to be informal and friendly, and I am known to be empathetic and a good listener.

I care.

In meetings, I enjoy sharing ideas and thrive when in an environment that is people focused and caring.

Why you need me on your team.

When teamed up with my R1, L1, and L2 brother and sisters, we complement each other very well when we have an awareness of each other’s thinking styles. During collaborative, creative problem-solving sessions you can see the power of the different thinking styles in action. If the group is in an environment where they feel safe to share their big, bold ideas you will see true creative abrasion happening as each person brings their unique perspective to the table and shares it with the team, which can lead to new perspectives, ideas, and potentially new solutions.

As an R2 I can be the emotional glue that holds the team together during challenging times, and help keep the team focused on the human element of the organization’s mission and purpose.

Curious about your own thinking style? Wondering how a knowledge of your team’s differences can work to your advantage?

Neethling Brain InventoryThe Neethling Brain Inventory (NBI) is used to measure an individual’s unique thinking preferences or cognitive style. The NBI assessment offers a number of implications for how people lead, communicate, negotiate, innovate, make decisions, at individual, as well as team and unit level.

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