Leading by example is a worthy goal that every business leader should have. Individuals and teams look up to and take their cues from how their leader responds to other employees and situations—especially bad news. As such, leaders need to be very careful about modeling the ways they’d like their team members to conduct themselves.

Too often, leaders have a bad habit that they show their team members, only to have them emulate it to the detriment of the company. What are the most common bad habits business leaders exhibit and how can they fix them?

In this article published on Forbes.com, Jonathan Silk is one of 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council who share their take.

Forbes Coaches Council15. Approaching Leadership Like A Transaction

I have seen many leaders approach leadership as “What can the employee do for me?” It’s a transactional mindset that destroys bonds and commitment to the purpose of the team. Approaching leadership as a set of relationships will create stronger, more cohesive bonds with teams; communicate value; and set a positive example that will ripple through the organization for future leaders to exemplify. – Jonathan SilkBridge 3 LLC

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