In an article You get 25,000 mornings as an adult. Here are 8 ways to not waste themJames Clear writes that we will wake up for approximately 25,000 mornings as adults and lists 8 ways to get the most out of the morning.

After reading and reflecting on the article, Number 8 “Develop a ‘pre–game routine’ to start your day” really connected with me. He writes “What you do each morning is an indicator of how you approach your entire day. It’s the choices that we repeatedly make that determine the life we live, the health we enjoy, and the work we create.”

Then he asks the reader what they will do with their 25,000 mornings.

I used to take mornings for granted, but morning number 6,140 of my adult life was almost my last. On April 9th 2004 I led my Cavalry Scout Platoon on an attack to seize a bridge in Al Kut, Iraq. I almost did not make it another morning. I was seriously wounded in the fight along with 9 of my soldiers. It took a while but I had a great recovery due to family and friends and community.

Pretty much every morning since my recovery (the past 4,410 plus mornings) I have embraced life to the fullest to include physical fitness, and with approximately 14,000 mornings left in my adult life I wake up daily and workout hard, enjoying every minute of it.

Working out with a team always makes it more enjoyable. Pushing each other, embracing the competitiveness makes each of us better and that is what Bridge 3 is all about – making individuals, teams, and organizations the best versions of themselves.

How will you make the MOST of your mornings for yourself, your team, your organization?

Toujours Prêt. Always Ready.